The Plan

The beginning plan was simple. Eat less and move more. That has been my philosophy from the beginning but soon that became too hard to track. How was I making sure I was really eating less? Just how much more movement would I be doing. I joined an online healthy community at and started tracking my exercise and my calories. The plan eventually came down to eating between 1200 -1500 calories a day and working out on average 5 times a week. I did this for 9 months and nearly lost 100 lbs.

Upon finding I was pregnant the 1200 calories went to the wayside and I didn't have near the energy to workout 5 times a week. Focus had to shift from eating and exercising to lose weight, to living a healthy lifestyle just to be healthy. The shift has been a challenge but we all take life one day at a time.

My focus will defiantly shift back to weight loss once my little angel is born, but for now I just try to do things the healthy way.