It's about Balance

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of my biggest fears when it came to losing weight was that I'd gain it all back. The statistics are staggering. It seems that nearly two thirds of those who lose weight gain it all back, and then some within the same amount of time it took them to lose it. Why was I going to be any different? What would separate me from the others?

I thought I would be good for a while. At least while I was young and childless. I'd be motivated by the shopping for clothes and shoes. I'd workout often because I'd have the time and energy. I would be just fine until I got pregnant. Long before becoming pregnant, I knew that I would struggle with it. I knew that I would put on weight (even if rightfully so) and have a hard time getting it back off. I was worried I'd return to my old ways of mindless eating and lazy evenings at home.

Several of you have asked how I have managed to gain so little in my pregnancy and you've express fears that becoming pregnant will make you gain all of the weight you lost back. I assure you that you are SO not alone in this fear. If anything, I know that my weight loss before pregnancy has done wonders to help me control myself when the hormones hit. Its a hard shift to make from eating to lose weight, and eating to be healthy, but in the end, that is what the goal is, right? It's not just to get skinny and then eat whatever we want. It's about finding balance. It's about eating that brownie and going for a walk or doing some yoga.

I am by no means a perfect example of health. as a matter of fact, today I had two Reese's peanut butter cups and a fun-size kit kat. Something about chocolate just calls my name. Other days, I have things very much in control. I eat my planned meals and supplement with healthy snacks. But now, having lost the weight, I know that I need to balance that out. Today I also went on a long walk on my lunch break and have made and effort to eat several vegetables and fruits. Earlier this afternoon I noticed myself leaving the company kitchen with a snack pack of carrots in one hand, and the Kit Kat in the other. (Like I said...all about balance.)

Another lesson I learned was how to actually use food to fuel my body. Before, I was eating thousands of calories of whatever I wanted. I wasn't looking to provide my body with nutrients. I was looking to feel full and satisfied. Dieting taught me how to make the most of my calories. I know that I can a whole lot of fruits and veggies to keep me full without eating too many calories. I cannot tell you how valuable this lesson has been. I never knew just how hungry I would feel at times and now I don't immediately go straight to high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that I ate before.

I guess what I'm trying to say to those who fear getting pregnant for what it will do to them, is you do not need not be afraid. All of your efforts to get healthy will come in handy. It is not easy and there are definitely times where you will getting bigger and gaining weight will be hard emotionally on you. However, you'll have good days and you'll have bad days and you just have to take it one step at a time.