Hello All

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello there...as mentioned in the previous post. I am ShaReece, SherRon's sister. She asked me if I would guest blog. I am not a blogger and have never done this in my life, but...here goes.

A little about me. I am 25 years old and have been trying to promote a healthier lifestyle since last January. My starting weight was 232 lbs. My current weight is 172 lbs!! YEAH!

SherRon and I have some things in common like: we share the gene pool, innate poor eating habits, love of pretty shoes and desire to lose weight and become more healthy. However, in all other ways, we are polar opposites. I have a LOVE for working out (Zumba, TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle, most sports). I have a total different body shape as well that SherRon has often referred to as "built like a football player." This lovingly means that I have no hips or butt. When asked about my body shape I call it brick of cheese. Note pictures below.

Well... is there anything else you want to know about me? Or anything about SherRon?...she is on a cruise and can't stop me...


Rapunzel said...

ShaReece, so nice to "meet" you! Congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome! :)

Laurie Terry said...

Hi ShaReece, you looked so awesome last time I saw you. Keep up the good work cute girl.

Just Jay said...

Hi ShaReece!

Anonymous said...

I think that it's amazing for you guys to have each other for support through this weight loss journey!! My sisters are all pretty thin, I'm the only fat one! It makes it much harder when its that way. You look great!

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

I'm pretty sure I can do things to stop you :) You best behave!

Kendra said...

I have a feeling that this is going to get interesting...

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