Wear the Skinny Jeans!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few weeks ago I found myself in a dressing room wearing a pair of skinny jeans. I stood there and looked in the mirror for a long time, debating if I would ever dare wear them out of the dressing room. I'd been wanting to try them for a while, just because it would add something new to my current selection of boot-cut jeans.

It was a conflict within myself. My negative self talk was saying that I was still too fat to wear them and that I looked silly in them. They made my calves look huge and my stomach look even bigger because it was not proportional. However, I could also hear 286lb-SherRon screaming in the back of my mind, "WEAR THE SKINNY JEANS!" My perception of my size was so much different when I was larger. How many of us have once been a size, and thought we were so fat, but would kill to go back?

I left the fitting room undecided. I would try them again, but those certainly weren't the pair. I couldn't shake the experience. Why was I so scared to try something new? I resolved that I was going to stop being worried about how silly I was going to look. It was a simple pair of jeans.

I wondered how many other things I'd not done because of my size. How many times have I been too worried about what people would think of me?

I went back to the store, I bought the skinny jeans, and I rocked them!

I realized that this is not about simply wearing a pair of jeans. This is about living life right now, not waiting until we reach our goal weight. There is nothing magical about that number we all have picked out in our mind. Life won't start being wonderful then, but it can start now.

So, I'd like to challenge all of you to do one thing that you otherwise wouldn't do because of your size or appearance. You can wear skinny jeans, or red lipstick, or a two-piece. You can get up and sing karaoke or dance on a raised floor. Sent me a picture of what you did, or write me about your experience and I'd be happy to share it.

Grab a button and put it up on your blog so that people can see you're choosing to live life now and they can join us in the challenge.

PS: I'll be posting a picture of me in skinny jeans shortly.


Raych said...

I totally get it. When I was in junior high school, at 150 lbs., I thought I was sooooo fat and, well, for a 13 year old, I kind of was. That said, I would kill to be 150 lbs. now. And I do wear the skinny jeans. Often. Even though I just broke 200 pounds. I love the skinny jeans. They make me feel great and when they start to feel loose, I feel even better :)


Trisha said...

I love this post! I totally grabbed a button! And can not wait to see you rockin the skinnys!! :D

Amber said...

Hey.. I know what you mean, I remember my first skinny jeans encounter.. i didnt want them to be wasted so i went to the cheapest shop in town PRIMARK and they only had the "super skinny" type. I was shocked, scared but went for it and never looked back. Now I am also a proud owner of some gorgeous victoria secret skinny pants and jeans. Rockin!

Kendra said...

Sherron, the new site looks amazing!

I Said So... said...

Love...your new look, new button, and this post! You are right! Great job! Keep it up and post those pictures!

Just Jay said...

I love the redesign of your blog!

I felt the same way when I tried my first skinny jeans! But I just said screw it, bought the jeans and rocked them out!

Laurie Terry said...

SherRon, the new site looks awesome. Killer logo and banner...LOVE it.

I wanna wear skinny jeans too! LOL

Amber said...

I wanna see your skinny jeans!!!!

Jennifer said...

Funny enough the magazine where I found your blog had an article about fitting the right jeans.... the thing about skinny jeans is that if you have hips (and who doesn't) they make them look bigger just because there is no shape to them....or almost negative shape. Congrats on your baby news, I can't wait to read more of your blog!


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