I'm SO Blessed

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've recently started to notice something very special about my journey. I have SO much support. I've always had that support. Even though Matt hasn't always been on board with the diet, he was always willing to eat where I felt comfortable. He put up with my low calorie dinners and was a sport when I'd leave him each night to go to the gym. But I haven't had just Matt. I've had many, many more supporters.

  • My Mother in law started her weight loss journey last August and she was a driving force in me deciding to change my ways. I saw how it was possible for her to lose the weight and for some reason it just clicked that if I really committed and did what I knew I should do, I could do it too.

  • My sister, ShaReece, started weight watchers at the first of this year and has since lost 50 plus pounds. She's great to talk to about her struggles because we come from the same background, eating the same foods, and participating in the same activities. She gets where I'm coming from and knows where I want to go.

  • My sister in law, Mariah, has also been a huge inspiration to me. She works long hours, cares for two small children and still finds time to make it to the gym. If she can do that, then I have NO excuse. She's also great to have around family functions where I can see what she's choosing to eat and I no longer feel alone.

  • My Cousin, LaraLee and I have gotten much closer this year. She lives about 4 hours away from me but we talk nearly every day. She was the one that made me decide to go on a diet in the first place. We were going to be each others weight loss buddies. We'd hold each other accountable. It worked. She kept me motivated. She can also help keep you motivated. Check her out over at her blog.

  • My friend, Eileen, at work. She is one of my best friends and is on this journey as well. Its great to have someone facing the same work temptations as I do. We both smell the pizza when it is brought into the office. We both know that the cupboards in the kitchen are stocked full of cookies, and crackers, and chocolate. We also both know that the fridge is full of apples, grapes, oranges, and carrots and we help each other make good decisions. Lately she's even started to join me on walks around our office park during lunch. Not only are the walks helping me get more movement in for the day, but I also have way more energy after them and I'm more awake at work.

There are many, many other people who have inspired and motivated me along the way. Some to of the biggest players have been fellow bloggers. I cannot begin to think where I'd be without the daily motivation and support I get from all of you. I am truly blessed to know, without a doubt, that I am not alone in this fight. I know that no one buy myself can make the healthy food choices and do the workouts in they gym, but having people that continue to support me and hear me ramble about what I've eaten or what I'm struggling with, makes it that much easier.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Yea! It's awesome to have a great support system! Good for you for inspiring others!

Ashley said...

I've found that having a support system is KEY to my success. It feels so great to know that the people you love genuinely want you to get healthy.

Lara said...

Oh you are sweet. I'm glad i've been able to support you :D It makes me feel good to help! You are very inspiring!

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