Finding a Balance

Monday, September 13, 2010

As I approach the 100 lb mark, I have done a lot of reflecting about the changes I've made. I know that it is all too easy to slip back into my old ways. Its always easier to just not care but this certainly isn't something I want for myself and my future. I need to make sure that the changes I'm making are truly lifestyle changes and that they are sustainable.
I've done some experimenting. I've stopped counting my calories religiously and I've loosened the reigns on what I'm eating. This resulted in a gain of 2.9 lbs on the scale. Its certainly not the result I was looking for but I think that I'm finding my balance and deciding what is important to me.

I don't want to always be the person at diner ordering a salad with no cheese or bacon and dressing on the side.

I don't want my family and friends to plan meals around "What I can eat."

I don't want to log my calories and exercises every day.

I do want to go on a date with my husband and really enjoy dinner.

I do want to go to festivals, fairs, and holiday meals and enjoy the foods of the season.

I'd like to enjoy all life has to offer and if that involves occasionally eating things that aren't always the best for me, than so be it. This weekend was full of life and wonderful food and if that means that I gained weight, I'm ok with that. I know that I'm going to be back on track this week. Eating healthy and working out.

Friday night Matthew and I went on a date night to a local pizzeria. Together we shared an appetizer of ricotta gniocchi and it was quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten. I'm so glad that I didn't pass because I would have gone over my calories.

We spent Saturday at a local amusment park where I shared a carmel apple with the hubs and afterwards we went out to dinner with some of Matt's family.

Sunday was spent at the Salt Lake City Greek Festival where I was able to try some really amazing Greek food. I had my first taste of Tyropita, Baklava, Gyro, and Loukoumades. These aren't foods that I would normally be able to get and I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by.

I'm sure I went over my calories every day this weekend but I had a great time and I don't regret any of my choices. . I did a lot of walking both days and I'm right back on track tonight. Next weekend Matt and I will be attending the state fair and I have every intention of eating something deep fried. I want to become healthy, but I'm not going to let life pass me by while I get there.

Besides, who wants to live life without the occasional burger and fries?


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

You're right. We all should be able to enjoy food. That's why we HAVE good food! We just can't let it control our lives. You realize that now. If you see yourself gain 5 lbs., so you cut back for a couple of weeks. Once you're in control, you got it! Good for you!

Celeste said...


I wish I could be with you in almost losing 100~~! I can't believe it! You are amazing -- truly an inspiration to me for sure!!!

Karen said...

I think in my mind this sounds like a healthy life should sound. Eat well most of the time; allow for occasions of splurging without guilt.

dawne said...

You look GORGEOUS!!!!!

I Said So... said...

I agree! Your picture is ABSOLUTELY. BEAUTIFUL.!!!! Love it. 100 pounds. Oh, my word! Can you believe it? I need to get my tail into gear! We are close to the same size. I'm going to join you on the way down.

Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

We too went to the fair this weekend!! It was sooo much fun!! BTW I Love love LOVE the picture of you!!! =)

Meg said...

You look gorgeous!

I agree with you - but I think the key word is occasional. Life is too short not to enjoy food, but I know I can't 'enjoy' it every single day AND be happy with my figure. It's totally a balance!

Rapunzel said...

Look at what you wrote several times: you shared these treats with your honey! You didn't dive face first into them and eat every single bite! That, to me, is moderation and has a place in everyone's life, whether dieting or not. I never want to be the person not taking a bite of her own birthday cake, but I'm not gonna eat cake every day! :)

Heidi said...

SherRon your looking so good! i think its great what your doing,and i agree, what would life be without a cheeseburger and fries? ( aren't they their own food group or something? ha) Maybe i'll see you in rich sometime and see your progress in person.

PlushBelle said...

I love, love, love your positive outlook on weight loss and life! Your doing so awesome, and your a huge inspiration to me. <3

Theo said...

Loukoumades are so delicious! I'm an uber proud Greek and these a must at any Greek festival. So glad you enjoyed them! :)

theredcloak [at] gmail [dot] com

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