THREE Brownies

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yep, thats right. I ate three brownies on Saturday. Along with some cheese curd, bacon, BBQ chicken, potato salad, and some miracle concoction of Fritos, peanut butter, and M&M's. I had a few other things but that is my confession of food sins.

I am a little angry about my lack of self control with the sweets, but in all honesty, I know that last year, that list would have been SO much longer. I also ate quite a few steamed veggies and fruit. My moment of shame was the third brownie. They were made with zucchini which I think caused some momentary insanity and allowed me to think they were somewhat good for me. Oh boy brownies are my kryptonite.

Regardless of my lack of self control, the scale was pretty darn nice this morning and showed a loss of 4 lbs. I didn't quite reach my goal of being below 200 by the end of July, but if this is what I get, I'll certainly take it. I'll for sure have it down by next week.

I also wanted to apologize for my lack of cooking something new last week. I realized it was only my second week on this challenge and I've already not done it. I WILL do it this week. Last week was much busier and many evenings I had to chose whether to cook something new or to work out and working out always won.

My goals for this week are 2.5 hours of cardio, 2 sessions with my kettlebell, and to make something new.


Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Those sound like great goals! My goal this week is to start the c25k program. Good luck this week!


Miz said...

that was always key for me when I veered off my healthy living path. the realization that were I not on the path at all---Ive have indulged even more for sure.

life is so relative huh?

xo xo


Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration! I've nominated you for an award. You can redeem it by going to my blog!


Lara said...

Great Goals! i should set weekly ones. I think i'd feel much more motivated to do that :D anyways I'm glad your back on the bang wagon after your little "splurge" many people give up if they have a bad day and i think this is your key to succeess!

Kendra said...

I definitely had a sugar gung-ho weekend but getting back on track for the week. Here's to another pair of shoes!

Leah said...

Hey, that's still awesome!! A loss is a loss, so bravo!! Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for an award!! :)

Skye said...

What a fantastic loss! And don't beat yourself up about what ate at the reunion. It's only once a year! And like you said, at least you know you did better than previous years! Kudos to you! ( :

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