Time to Tone

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So lately I've really been thinking I need to add some weights into my routine. I know that muscle burns more calories than than fat does so the more I have...the more I burn. Plus it would help me look super fine.

Problem is...I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to weights. I don't go into the weight room at the gym because it always smells bad and is inhabited by men. If I had a choice, I'd probably use free weights but I don't know what to do with them.

I've been thinking about getting a personal trainer but I really don't think we can afford that right now and I kind of like working things through on my own.
Do any of you know were I could find some simple weight training routines?


Lara Lee said...

honestly WEights are my favorite thing to do! What gym are you with? if you want i can help you with something i've learned.

Jessica said...

I was at that point about 6 months ago. I went ahead,even though it cost me quite a bit, and I hired a trainer for twice a week for six months.
We pretty much concentrated on using dumbbells and doing a lot of repetitions. Also I wanted to tone my abs and strengthen my shoulders so we did a lot of ab work and push up time type of exercises. But I think the key is repetition and just do as much weight as you can. Also the bands are pretty nice to use, as well as the smaller balls that come in different weights. I feel my arms are stronger and more toned now and my abs are too. Unfortunately I have some extra skin from my weight loss that I can't get rid of and even though it is not horrible is there, as a result my lower abs don't really show.
I feel the trainer really helped me. You could check if your gym offers free training sessions. Some give you one or two free ones a year with the hopes that you will sign up, you could try a free one so it gives you some ideas about what to do.

I know it helped me and I can do it on my own now.

Skye said...

Wish I could give you some advice, but as you know, I'm new to all of this so I am pretty much clueless! lol Best of luck!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Just so you know on this post

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I Said So... said...

Have you tried the 30 Day Shred?

Or there are tons of strength training programs on the exercise channel. You have to Tivo alot of them b/c they come on at weird hours.

good luck!

Celeste said...

I really LOVE the weight workouts outlined in "Body For Life" by Bill Phillips. They are simple. I used to write them on a small 3x5 card and take it with me to the gym. Plus if you break it up how he tells you to, you only have to remember weight segments for one area of your body (one day: Arms, next day: legs, etc.)

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