Biggest Loser Couples

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So today is day 1 of a neighborhood round of The Biggest Loser- Couples Edition! That means that my hubby is now trying to make some healthier choices with me! So proud of him!

I did a biggest loser competition at the beginning of this year and I lost by just a half of a percent. Total bummer but since I was in it for the long term benefits I was OK with it. This time I'm back and I'm in it to win it! Matthew is my secret weapon and the contest couldn't have come at a better time. I needed some summer motivation.

Matt is a big lover of the Dr Pepper and I think that will be the hardest for him to give up. This afternoon I got this picture message from him:

"Look at me make an effort"

Hahaha! I love this man so much!

Wish us luck! The competition is 10 weeks long and the prize is $600.00 (ie weekend getaway).


Lara Lee said...

haha tell matt I totally understand! I am really getting better though now I have been starting to crave water instead of Dr Pepper... at least he can have a diet i have given It all up :S lol no it will be good.

Just Jay said...

Have you guys tried Diet Dr. Pepper? It really does taste like regular Diet Pepper. I'm a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan too and when I found Diet Dr. Pepper, I immediately jumped on that train!

Mary said...

Hi girl! Thanks for following my blog! You are super pretty!!!!

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Thanks for the suggestion Jay! Matthew is leaning towards the idea of coke zero since he said it doesn't taste as diet-y. haha. silly boy.

And THANK YOU Mary. You are so sweet!

Skye said...

Wow! What an awesome neighborhood you guys live in! And how cool that your husband is doing it with you! That is so sweet of him!

Definitely have Matt try the Diet Dr. Pepper. It is soooo good! And I think he may be on to something regarding the Coke Zero because my hubby said the same thing! lol

Best of luck to the both of y'all!

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