An Unwelcome Guest

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So how about that Glee finale eh? Do Journey songs make any one else cry? If I were Lea Michelle I would sing all day long just so I could hear myself.

This week has been right on track so far. I've stayed within my calorie limits, drank at least 120 oz of water, and I've kept with my 45 minute cardio promise. Working out with Matt has helped a lot! Last night was a struggle for me at the gym and I'm sure I would have somehow rationalized jumping off the machine at around 30 minutes but Matt was there pushing me and reminding me of his goals. Go him! (PS...last week he lost close to 20 lbs. I have a strange mixture of pride and jealousy.)

This morning I was greeted in my office with this:

Several months ago a co-worker came around with a fundraiser for his daughter's school. I didn't want cookies but I feel good about supporting schools and I knew Matt would enjoy a few. I had forgotten about this until they showed up, unwelcome, on my desk.

I have a game plan though. The dough is already pre-portioned into balls and I have nutrition information. Since I can't eat frozen cookie dough...these are going straight into the freezer. If I want one I'll have to wait for it to defrost so I'll know if I really want it or if I'm just eating it because it is there. Or there is always plan B: Give it to my brother and sister in law in an effort to assist our win of the biggest loser. :)

How are you doing on your goals so far this week? Any obstacles pop up in your way of succeeding?


gmontalvo13 said...

i hate those unwelcomed guests! i bought a bag of cookies before i started my diet and surprisingly did not finish them-- every day i eat just 1 cookie! they are teeny tiny and won't too bad, right? :)
but i like your idea of passing them to your in-laws!

i exceeded my goal this week by losing 5lbs! yeah!

Jenny said...

HI there,

I found your blog through a comment you left on Ali's Fat to Fit. Just wanted to say that you really are an inspiration, you have come so far!! I look forward in following your journey.

You should totally give them to your brother, especially if you guys are doing a biggest loser thing! Haha!

Take care,

dawne said...

LOL on your devious plan!!!!

Lara Lee said... could throw your unwelcomed guest in the garbage can and not tempt anyone... You supported the school and that is what you wanted to do. So you dont need it. I guess i"m not afraid of wasting food though....
Good job at staying on track...I've failed...majorly! but I wont go into details. Its messy

Jessica said...

Congratulations on sticking to your workout goals! My boyfriend has also been a great support for me and when I feel like giving up he reminds me that we are doing this to stay healthy.
About the cookies...I think one cookie once in a while doesn't hurt anything but tempting the competition never hurts either.

Skye said...

Bravo to you for staying op this week! You are truly blessed to have such a supportive partner! And wow! 20 lbs!?! I can certainly see why you would be jealous and prideful at the same time! lol Way to go Matt!!!

Talk about self-control! You go girl! I would definitely have to give that box of cookie dough away, because trust me, I would find a way to eat that sucker frozen! lol

Fashion Meets Food said...

Seriously we must share the same soul! No one else seems to love Glee, Gaga and KP with me except you... yay!

Argh! I hate when I forget about something such as cookies I ordered and they show up... makes me feel like it's a sign that I need to eat some...LOL! Stupid right! If you feel like you'll be tempted get them out of your house... or only keep a couple of them.

This morning I weighed myself and was up three pounds. I almost fell over right then and there! Not thrilled at all. My body currently hates me or aunt flo is about to visit. Either way I am sick of why weight being three pounds up, but never losing any! I might have a mental breakdown because of this.

xo have a fab day

Yum Yucky said...

I having a pretty good week, except for a certain craisins-eating overload. You weight loss pics are great. You're beautiful!

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