Frozen Deliciousness

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have a confession. I eat a frozen meal almost every weekday for lunch.

I know these aren't the healthiest foods I could be eating, but they are simple and cheap. I love to eat warm food. Sometimes I feel if I haven't eaten something warm, I haven't eaten. I've tried packing sandwiches or salads but when I do that I tend to go out and get fast food.

Usually frozen meals are really nothing to get excited over. I buy either the vegetarian kind or I pick the meat out. (In case you haven't noticed this yet..I'm really particular about my meat.)

Lately though, I've been eating 2 or three Lean Cuisine Three Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni a week. I find myself craving them throughout the day and continuing to enjoy them week after week.

This meal has huge chunks of zucchini, peppers, and carrots. The tomato sauce is really more flavorful than you'd expect as well. And there is real cheese in it that melts so wonderfully.

Is there a frozen entree that you can't get enough of?


Viridiana said...

I like the Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash is awesome.

Mary said...

I love this frozen meal too!!! It is the one I always buy!!!! I am so weird about meat also!! :)

murphy's law said...

Lean Cuisine makes a good pizza too. My problem is that one Lean Cuisine never fills me up and I'm hungry 2 hours later.

Mad Woman said...

I like the Weight Watchers risotto dishes. Yumm!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I have never tried frozen entrees before. Maybe I need to!


MrsFatass said...

Oh man I do love me some sodium-laden frozed meal goodness. I still pack my salad to go along with it, and it somehow makes me feel better for eating them. Lean Cuisine has a butternut ravioli that is just TO DIE FOR. And WW has a ricotta and spinach pasta thing that I had a handful of chicken to (I am also a slave to those bags of already cooked chicken breast chunks to throw on salads) and I have a very happy mouth.

Skye said...

Well, I have to confess, too. I pretty much do the same thing! Frozen meals are my best friends for lunch during the week.

Right now, I seem to be stuck on the Baked Chicken from Lean Cuisine. It's baked chicken tenderloins with cornbread stuffing & mashed potatoes. Can you say comfort food!?! lol Yum-O!

Another one I love is the LC Chicken Carbonara. It has roasted chicken tenderloins in a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce with turkey bacon, mushrooms, basil and garlic. It's served over a bed of linguini and it's tossed with roasted red peppers. Another Yum-O! My daughter loves this one, too.

I also make a batch of carrots once a week so we can make sure we have enough veggies for each meal.

Celeste said...

I love Lean cuisine...that one looks delish!!!!

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