Chosing Success

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did anyone catch the first episode of "Losing it with Jillian Michaels"? I didn't seek it out but I happened upon it while at the gym and thought it could provide some much needed motivation. Mission accomplished. Although most of that motivation came after I left the gym.

There was a time in the episode when Jillian was talking to one of the family members and she said,"Why would you chose failure when success is an option?"

I've been thinking about that a lot the few days and reminding myself that success IS an option. I know how to lose weight. If I can lose 10 pounds, I can lose 100 pounds. It is the same formula!

Why would I chose to ease up on my workouts or to eat more calories than I should? Where does that get me?

Each time I make a decision to eat a healthy snack or to get out and move my body, I'm going to remind myself that this is a step towards success. A healthy weight is obtainable...and its going to be mine! :)


dawne said...

Yes we are going to be successful!!!!

Mad Woman said...

You're absolutely right. And thank you for the timely reminder. Just the other day I was sitting here thinking "this is too much hard work" and I came close to giving up.

We CAN do this!

Skye said...

Yay! It's letting me comment! lol

Awesome post!!! I am going to copy Jillian's quote and your thoughts "success IS an option. I know how to lose weight. If I can lose 10 pounds, I can lose 100 pounds. It is the same formula!" and post it on both my fridge and my pantry!!! ( :

Unfortunately, seeing as I am a HUGE Biggest Loser fan, I missed out on Jillian's new show and I even forgot to set the dvr. ) : The good part is that I was working out when it was playing so at least I missed it for a good reason! lol Hopefully, I can catch it next week.

Thank you so much for motivating me!!!

Kimmi said...

Awesome post! Very inspiring!

Success is THE ONLY option! (at least that is what I keep telling myself!)

The Allure House said...

Really inspiring. Hope, faith and motivation is what keeps us alive :)
Yes, success is the only option.


River said...

Well.. I'm in love with Jillian so I gotta say watch more :) I mean the following episodes I hope you will.

We all gotta choose the right one. Success. There shouldn't be any other options from this moment on.

Lara Lee said...

Okay that is awesome you know i've never thought of it that way. SherRon thank you for putting that across so I can have a new motto. Success is and Option and I'm going to take it ! haha

gmontalvo13 said...

love the quote!

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