A wrench in the works

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So this week has really thrown off my workout and eating schedule. Monday evening my mom called and told me that my grandma had fallen and broken her neck and that they were bringing her up to a hospital near me.

Tuesday right after work I headed up to the hospital for a visit. My grandma was SUCH a sweetheart. Her face was swollen and bruised and she couldn't move her neck because of the brace it was in. She sill opened her eyes and looked and me and told me that I looked really good and that I must have lost some weight (I'm sure my mom had told her.) That's the way my grandma always was. It was never about her. Such a sweet lady!

We stayed at the hospital until about 10:00 that night before we went home. I took my mom home with me since we only live about 30 minutes from the hospital and she lives a good two and a half hours away and is scared to drive on the big city streets. So no working out on Tuesday.

Yesterday was nearly the same story. Up early in the morning to take mom to the hospital and then back to work. After work I went back up to the hospital until about 10.

I haven't been working out and I feel pretty bad about that. But as soon as I feel bad about that I feel guilty for making such a big deal out of working out when my grandma is in the hospital. I feel selfish for wanting to make my eating and exercise a priority.

Any ideas of how I can work up a sweat and still have time to help out the family?

Thanks for your support! Sorry the blogs this week have been few and far between.