Sweat and Tears

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I woke up with a burning in my right eye. I immediately took my contacts out and wallowed in pain on the bed for a bit longer. My eyes were watering like I'd just been dumped and they were SO sensitive to light.

I decided that it wasn't bad enough that I should miss work. (Especially since I'm taking a day off at the end of this month for vacation. Vegas Baby!) I struggled through work and decided that this certainly wasn't going to get any better without the help of a doctor. I called my optometrist and got in at 5. Luckily, my boss was nice enough to let me leave a little early.

I was in and out of the doctor in a matter of about 10 min. I have an ulcer on my eye....and that pain I'm feeling, is bacteria eating my cornea. (yikes!, I know)

Here is a picture of my eye:

Note: this is when it wasn't feeling all that bad. It got much more red and much more swollen but when that happened I really wasn't all that interested in taking a picture of it for my blog.

The doctor gave me a numbing eye drop and a prescription for some eye drops and sent me on my way. Since my eye still felt alright I decided it was a great time to work in some exercise. I did 35 min on the elliptical.

When I finished I looked like this:

but I felt a lot like this:

PS...no making fun of my sweaty face. It is my "I-mean-business face", and I certainly mean business!

I spent the rest of the evening and the very early hours of the morning in a whole lot of pain. Fortunately, when I woke up this morning the pain was much more bearable. All I can say is that yesterday was definitely a day full of sweat and tears. : )

Saturday is weigh-in day for me so check back to see my progress...or lack thereof.


River said...

Well I'm not making fun of the face but hell how did that hair stay so perfectly done I don't get it. My hair doesn't stay that good even when I'm working on it. That's some nice hair take care of it.

Sorry about the eye. I'm so freaked about my eyes. It's almost a phobia. I hope you'll be better in no time. *hugs*

Debbie said...

Ouch! I've had something similar happen to my eyes before and it is NOT fun! I'm sorry you've been having to deal with that!

I have to say though, you still look pretty amazing even in spite of the bacteria eating your cornea!

Hope you feel better soon!

Lindsay said...

Ouch!!! Not fun! At least you look cute in your glasses :)

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