Really Hungry?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lately I've been having several days in a row where I just feel like I'm ALWAYS hungry. I don't ever feel satisfied and I'm sure if I allowed myself, I could eat the world.

I never expected to feel like this. I don't really have hunger pangs but I just can't shake the thought that I'm hungry. If anything I expected this feeling in the first few months of my lifestyle change...not now. Not 5 months in.

So the question is, How can I tell if I'm really hungry? Is my body trying to tell me something? Am I really not getting enough calories? or, is it all mental?

How do you decide whether or not your feelings of hunger are real? Do you allow yourself to give into them or do you practice some will-power and fight them off until your next planned meal or snack?


Lindsay said...

I am new here, I wanna wish you luck on your journey! Fight them off plan your meals. It's a major mental game!

River said...

This is such a tough fight. For me I know what makes me feel full like proteins is a must or I'll be hungry whatever I eat. Then I know what a decent portion looks like, right? So When I feel hungry all of a sudden I think "when did I eat?" If it's less than 3 hours, I check back what I'd eaten and see if there is any logic I'm not full. If everything checks out and I'm not suppose to be hungry still... then I tell myself to suck it up cos it's not real.

Then again it doesn't always work! If my appettite wants to torture me things are always difficult. If I manage to stay strong and not eat I try to fill my tummy up with fluids... water, sugarfree ice-tea, whatever. Yogurt can be very filling too with little calories but it is so good for you that you can afford to have some yogurt when you don't actually need to.

Good luck =)

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