Adventures in Tofu

Monday, May 24, 2010

So if you don't know who hungry girl is, go find out and then come back. :)

I found Hungry Girl's recipe for Hungry Girlfredo and the promise of a 100 calorie bowl off creamy goodness drew me in. But was it too good to be true? Since the recipe had mostly ingredients that I have on hand anyway I decided to go ahead and give it a test. I read around online so I would know what to expect and make sure I did everything correctly.

I started with the Hungry Girl endorsed House Foods Shiritaki Noodles.

Rinsed them well...

Laid them out on a paper towel and dried them off the best I could before tossing them in a bowl and into the microwave for a minute to make sure they were really dry.

I added the final ingredients of Fat free sour cream, a laughing cow cheese wedge, grated Parmesan, and a dash of pepper. So far this is looking good.

One Minute later and Voila! 100 Calorie pasta.

So...the verdict.

The sauce was pretty good. I actually really liked it and would consider using the ingredients to put over regular pasta. However...the noodles....not so wonderful. The taste wasn't bad. There wasn't much of one. The thing that got me was the texture. It was very un-pasta-ish. I'm big on texture. It is the reason that I won't eat dippy eggs and my steak must be COMPLETELY brown (it's chewy if it isn't). I think that if I weren't a true pasta lover, this might have convinced me. But since I only allow myself so many calories a day.....

I wasn't going to waste them on tofu. :)

Have you tried anything new lately?


Monica said...

Im amazed at anyone who cooks! Awesome!

Also, I hope your grandma is doing better.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I don`t waste any of my calories with tofu lol! Life is too short... at least I feel that way.


livelaughandgrow said...

Love tofu (if it's not done right), but I still can't do shirataki noodles...they just don't taste good!